history of tqm

tqm will continue to flourish and adapt to the future opportunities

Tqm was founded by the Managing Director Maroun Taouk in 1999. Together with his brother, Development Director, Mark Taouk, both directors are heavily involved in all levels and dimensions of the company from conception of a project to completion. This strong family tie between them has allowed the company to thrive as their personal involvement is always at the forefront, instilling this commitment as a company ideology.

The tqm name is synonymous with value, quality and loyalty, all of which are shown through all facets of the company. Tqm have always provided a high level of excellence, they have excelled over the years from their humble initial phases of small to medium sized residential projects, to now becoming a major player in the construction market, building high rise developments, never losing touch with their core values.

Since its inception tqm has had a strong focus on loyalty and service, building an impressive growing portfolio which reflects their experience and ability. Over the years tqm has built long lasting relationships with all their clients. These relationships reflect the true commitment of loyalty that tqm envelop. Through this tqm will continue to flourish and adapt to the future opportunities.

258 Old South Head Road, Bellevue Hill NSW 2023 – tqm’s inaugural project in 1998